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Scuba Range


At Spierre Fins, we have been custom manufacturing Fin Blades in Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass to the past 19 years for Free divers Worldwide and have added a Scuba Range to our existing Free dive Fin Blades.

The Spierre Scuba Range Fin Blades Designs on the fin blades form an integrated part of the Fin Blade composite during manufacturing and is not an add-on-sticker that is added to the fin blades afterwards.


The Fin Blades can be provided fitted to open-heel foot pockets (priced additionally), or can be fitted to most universal foot pockets e.g. Mares, Cressi etc.  The fin blades are also available in a range of stiffnesses (Extra soft, Soft, Soft-medium, Medium, Hard etc.)


Padded Fin Travel Bags are also available to suit each design in the Scuba Dive Range.