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Carbon Art Fin Blades (Apnea Range)


Spierre - Apnea Range (Set/Pair)


The Apnea range fin blade is excellent for Freediving and underwater exploration, on a single breath. The fin blade is designed to assist in conserving valuable oxygen and energy and providing maximum lift for the effort expended during your ascent to the surface.

Carbon Art Fin Blades offer excellent responsiveness, with Carbon Fiber memory and ability to return to its original position. Hand-Crafted to order with aerospace-grade carbon cloth and high-performance bio epoxy resin, the Apnea Range is 19cm wide with a customizable length of 80cm, 82cm, 85cm. The fin blade stiffness. Is customized for each set of fin blades to suit the divers specifications and preference. The unique design on the fin blade is fully integrated into the epoxy resin, on both sides.

Spierre Fin Blades can be fitted to most universal foot pockets. If you would like to add foot pockets to your Spierre fin blades, Omer Stingray,  Pathos or Cetma S-Wing (White) can be added under the custom options when ordering. For any assistance with foot pocket sizes, contact us at   For Cetma Sizing Chart click here.  For Pathos Sizing Chart click here.  For Omer Stingray Sizing Chart click here.


Please note: Fin Blades are pictured with foot pockets for product photos only, the Fin Blades will be supplied separately and pricing does not include the foot pockets although these can be added separately under the product options when ordering,