Spierre Pure Carbon fiber Custom Handcrafted freediving fin blades


  • Love my Spierre Fins!  Have two pairs of Pure Carbon custom made made for me.  Have been using my beauties since 2014.  Outstanding performance, outstanding shape, after years of heavy work.

    Luis Fonseca, Bonaire Freediving School
    Bonaire Freediving School

  • "Hi Pierre

    Love your fins. Here's a couple of fun pictures showing your fins in action from a recent trip I did to Italy.

    Best Regards"

    UK Spearfishing Champ

    Kevin Daly
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  • "I'm thankful for quality Spierre fins I've been using for over 5 years, best fins in the world!"

    Hanli Prinsloo (Freediver & CEO IAMWATER Foundation)
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  • "To me the Orca has been an animal that has enchanted me forever and sends my excitement levels through the roof whenever I see them or hear their songs. I decided to get this beautiful animal on my fins. Thanks for the custom Pure Carbon fins Spierre!"

    Brinkley Davies
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  • Best fins in the world! Could not chase megafauna without them!

    Dr. Andrea Marshall
    Queen of Mantas

  • "A few months ago I purchased a pair of Spierre pure Carbons and I could not be a happier diver. After months of trying different blades these are the ones... I spearfish weekly and the little effort it takes to swim all day in these fins is amazing. Craftsmanship is exceptional, durability is great and the service and help offered by Pierre is unmatched. Would recommend to any water enthusiast who is keen on a pair of top quality blades. Thanks Spierre! Cheers, Tyler"

    NSW Australia

    Tyler Drake

  • "Hi Pierre, I have had your composite blades for over I year now, when I purchased them my diving buddies smiled wondering whether they would last a month as I have a reputation for not exactly pampering my gear. We have been amazed at how well they have handled in fact they have outlasted my prevous pair of plastics . Besides boat diving I use them for shore diving as well, and besides some scratches they have handled the rock banging and rigors of the white water diving perfectly and have proved great when long swims are needed.

    Cheers Ants"


  • My Pure Carbons are still doing their thing, 10 years later!!!! I am very rough with my fins, so there are no Spierre stickers on any longer, the fins are badly scratched and look like they've been in the war. But they work for me

    Dawie Jansen van Noordwyk

  • Just want to let you know I got my blades and I'm so in love, they're beautiful! Thank you so much.


    Paige Wernli
    Paiges' Instagram

  • "My Spierre carbons are fantastic! I love how these fins perform perfectly in every situation. It doesn't matter whether I'm snooping snapper in the shallows or banging round on a deep weedline they have the flexibility and the power I need. My brother was so jealous of them he has now gone out and bought himself a pair. Cheers Pierre"

    New Zealand

    Richard Harris

  • I personally switched after Rob Allen took his carbons off the market about two years ago for further development.  I was in the very fortunate position of guiding trips abroad which gave me the opportunity to try out an array various client blades while asking their advice.  After a season of testing I was genuinely blown away by the performance of these fins, as were the majority of my clients who used them.  I’m not a massively obsessive deep diver but had these powering me up from 30m in a way that instilled confidence while keeping my energy reserves high. I experienced the same energy return while fining across the surface.

    Travelling a lot ultimately gives your equipment more abuse than normal.  Thrown in kit bags, left in the sun, trodden on and kicked about the boat etc.  These fins have taken a fair amount of stick and are none the worse for it.

    Tony Enyon

  • Hi Pierre, my fins just arrived!!!! They are amazing and definitely the most beautiful fins ive ever seen! Thank you so so much. The flexibility looks fantastic. Will give some feedback once ive tried them in the water. 
    Thank you so much!!

    Sophia Van Coller

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