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Choosing the Right Fin Blade for you


In January 2012, We compiled the following guide that will assist in selecting the right Spierre Fin Blade for you.


Selecting the right blade for you need not require a degree in propulsion physics and in this article we’ll try to simply the process for you to find a blade that will best suit your needs. 

The following tips should help guide you in your selection.  Keep in mind that every diver has unique needs and one size does not fit all.


What type of diving am I doing?

Think about the areas and type of diving that you will do most of the time.  There is no one perfect blade for all conditions that will suit every diver and you’ll need to consider what type of diving you’ll be doing mostly, if you’re going to have one set of blades.

The fin blade that you start with should work in other conditions as well but should be most suited for your everyday diving.  For example, if you are going to be doing shore entries over rocks and long surface swimming, you’ll need a strong robust blade, yet soft enough not to tire your legs with enough propulsion to get you through the backline and swim against currents.   A good example of this is a fibre composite in a suitable stiffness to suit your weight and leg strength or a well constructed carbon fibre blade. 

If you’re going to be doing mostly dives in open-water to depth, you’ll most likely do better with a high-performance type of blade such as a Carbon Art that suits your height and weight.   This blade should get you back to the surface comfortably without causing you to consume too much oxygen.


Your build and fitness level

As a rough guide, the following table should give you an idea as to the type of stiffness blade that would suit you, but as with all our fin blades, by entering your height and weight into the custom options, we will manufacture a custom fin blade stiffness for you. 

Keep in mind that if you weigh 65kg’s and dive or exercise regularly, with very strong, well-developed leg muscles and strong ankles, you will more than likely benefit from a stiffer blade than an occasional diver of the same weight with untrained leg muscles who would most likely go for a softer stiffness blade:


45 – 50kg -  XtraSoft

50 – 60 kg – Soft

60 – 75kg – Medium

75 – 85kg - Hard

85kg - 100kg  Xtra Hard


We recommend using the custom options to enter your height and weight when ordering,  if you are at all unsure of the right fin blade stiffness for you.


Length of the blade:

The most popular and overall good all-round fin blade is 80cm.  We can manufacture shorter lengths e.g. 77cm as well as longer length fin blades e.g. 82cm - 85cm.  If you are unsure what length would work best, you are welcome to note this in the comments section when ordering and we will be able to assist you.


Foot Pockets:

When selecting a foot pocket, take note of your foot shape, the height of your bridge and the width of your foot.  A good foot pocket will form a unit with a top performance blade and in turn with your foot. 

If you are unsure of the correct foot pocket to select, you are welcome to contact us to assist you in the selection of your foot pockets -