Spierre Featured diver Peter Zuccarini

March 08, 2017

Spierre Featured diver Peter Zuccarini


Peter dives with Spierre Pure Carbon white water range fins while filming and has been using his Spierre fins for the past 7 years (since 2010).

"Whenever I watch a movie with underwater scenes in it, I always stay to the very end to watch the credits roll. There are only a handful of underwater cinematographers who might have been responsible for the footage, and on an impressively long list of feature films (including all four Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Life of Pi, Into the Blue, Act of Valor, Dolphin Tale, Piranha, Jumper, The Motorcycle Diaries, the upcoming The Lone Ranger and more) one name appears again and again as director of photography or cameraman for the underwater unit: Pete Zuccarini"-  alertdiver.com

Below are just a few of the projects Peter has been involved in:



Peter Zuccarini, Spierre Pure Carbon White Water Fins, Pirates of the Carribean, Johhny Depp, Underwater photography


The Movie : L’Odyssée (2016)

Jacques Cousteau, the French ocean explorer who enchanted generations in France and Britain 60 years ago.  Recreating some of Cousteau’s finest adventures, the film also explores the man behind the icon.  

Behind the wheel of his famous ship, the Calypso, in trademark red knitted hat, or chasing fish and whales underwater in the revolutionary breathing apparatus he pioneered, Commandant Cousteau became a household name in France and Britain.

At a time when colour television was a novelty, his series The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau opened the eyes of a generation to the wonders beneath the waves:



Take a look at the behind the scenes of filming below.



Pete's also been involved in the filming of underwater scenes in Hypnotised by Cold Play






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