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Spierre Power Carbon Art or Fiber Art Underwater Hunting Range

May 22, 2023

Spierre Power Carbon Art or Fiber Art Underwater Hunting Range


Spierre Spearfishing Power Range


The Spierre custom handcrafted Power Range for deep Spearfishing has been designed for maximum power and propulsion.  The fin blades are available in two fin blade shapes:  The 21cm wide Power Spearfishing fin blade can vary in length between 80-85cm according to your personal preference and the New Deep Power 19cm wide fin blade can also vary in length from 80cm - 85cm according to your personal preference.

The Power Range fin blade stiffness (hardness) is customized to suit your individual specifications and is excellent for holding large game fish off the reef, when maximum power is required when swimming against strong currents and white water, providing maximum power while conserving valuable oxygen and energy. The fin blades provide excellent lift when swimming from depth.

The New deep Power 19cm fin blade is excellent for Freediving as well as Spearfishing, while conserving valuable oxygen and energy and providing maximum lift for energy expended during the ascent to the surface. 

Both fin blade widths are available in Classic Black Carbon or with a Design glassed into the back or both sides of the fin blades.


Spierre Fin Blades Carbon Art Dark Granite Design

Dark Granite Carbon Art Design

 Spierre Fin Blades Spearfishing Power Range Dark Reef Design

Dark Reef Carbon Art Design

Spierre Fin Blades Carbon Art Spearfishing Range Ocean Reef

Ocean Reef Carbon Art Design

 Spierre Carbon Art Fin Blades Maui Reef Carbon Art Design

Maui Reef Carbon Art Design 




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