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Carbon Art Golden Hour Fin Blades - Power Range (Set/Pair)

$395.00 USD


Spierre Carbon Art Power fin blades feature a camo design, glassed into the epoxy resin on the front and back of the fin blades, forming a completely integrated composite.  The Spierre custom handcrafted Carbon Art fin blades are manufactured using Carbon Fiber aerospace grade Carbon cloth in the matrix of the blade. and are designed for maximum responsiveness. The Carbon Art fin blades excellent memory and return to original position will facilitate you to swim from depth while conserving valuable energy and oxygen.

The Spierre Carbon Art Power Range fin blades have a design glassed into the high-performance bio epoxy resin thereby forming a completely integrated composite.

The Spierre custom handcrafted  Carbon Art Power range fin blade is 21cm wide while the fin blade length can vary between 78-82cm according to your personal preference.  The fin blade stiffness (hardness) is further customized to suit your individual specifications. The Power range fin blade is excellent for holding large gamefish off the reef, when maximum power is required when swimming against strong currents and white water and provides maximum power while conserving valuable oxygen and energy. They provide excellent lift when swimming from depth.

The Power range Carbon fin blade is very popular among gamefish and reef hunters as well as freedivers, especially in the Southern Hemisphere waters.

Spierre Fin Blades can be fitted to most universal foot pockets. If you would like to add foot pockets to your Spierre fin blades e.g. Pathos, Mares X-Wing or Cetma S-Wing black (can be added under the custom options when ordering.  For any assistance with foot pocket sizes, contact us at   For Cetma Sizing Chart click here.  For Pathos Sizing Chart click here.  For MaresX-Wing Sizing Chart click here.


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