Big Wave Surfers & their Spierre fins

May 16, 2017

James Taylor Big Wave Surfing

 James Taylor at Mavericks

                                  James Taylor, Big Wave Surfer, Jaws, Custom Handcrafted Spierre Pure Carbon Fins

James Taylor at Jaws
Back in 2010 the big wave surfers were getting geared for spearfishing, we made up some fiberglass Reef Camo blades for James Taylor who was taking his fins on a trip across the Indian Ocean starting in Madagascar. He's was getting back into the water, starting with freediving after a serious back injury in April 2010 while surfing a 6ft barrel at a Cape beach break. Click here to read James' account of what happened - James Taylor's website.
James Has since had a custom set of Pure Carbons made as well.
UK big wave surfer, James Hick was also in SA at the time and we built a pair of our Pure Carbons for him. James took his blades for a quick dive yesterday at Robben Island and really enjoyed them. To read more about James Hick follow the link to his site.
Both guys surf some seriously big waves and I'm sure they're going to use their fins to chase down some impressive big fish as well.
              James Hick Big Wave Surfer, Custom Handcrafted Spierre Pure Carbon Fin Blades
James Hick on the cover of Carve Magazine

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