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Pure Carbon Fin Blades (Whitewater Range)


The Spierre custom handcrafted Pure Carbon Whitewater Range fin blade has a shorter 70cm length to allow for greater maneuverability and power strokes when hunting in white water or swimming against strong currents.  The fin blade stiffness (hardness) is further customized to suit your individual specifications. The Whitewater range has specifically been designed for greater maneuverability while swimming against strong currents and white water and provides maximum power while conserving valuable oxygen and energy.

The Whitewater range Pure Carbon fin blade is very popular among whitewater gamefish and reef hunters, especially in the Southern Hemisphere waters.

Spierre Fin Blades can be fitted to most universal foot pockets.  If you would like to add foot pockets to your Spierre fin blades, Mares Razor or Pathos can be added under the custom options when ordering.  Click here to view Mares sizing

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