Carbon Fiber/Wood Speargun Open Muzzle Standard - Spierre

Carbon Fiber/Wood Speargun Open Muzzle Standard


Spierre Custom, handcrafted Carbon/Wood Speargun - Open Muzzle

Each Spierre speargun is custom-made to order.  The Carbon Fiber speargun is manufactured from wood and carbon fiber and features a rear handle design with a heavy-duty 316 stainless steel trigger mechanism.  This model is supplied fitted with 2x 16mm rubbers.  The speargun is supplied with a 7mm or 7.5mm double notch spear.  The speargun is available in lengths from 80cm - 140cm. 

Further optional extras include a reel and reel line.  

The gun is available in Classic Black Carbon Fiber or a variety of camouflage options. What sets the guns camo design apart is that the design not added to the gun as a sticker but is glassed into the resin during the manufacturing process and forms part of the speargun.  The gun is ballasted to be neutrally buoyant in the water.

Available in a variety of lengths and configurations, Spierre handcrafted Carbon Fiber spearguns can also be fully customised to your specifications.  It takes roughly 8-12 weeks to uniquely handcraft your own custom speargun.   

Each Spierre handcrafted custom speargun is shipped with it's own Padded Speargun bag.


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