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New Pure Carbon Fin Blades (Apnea Range)


The Spierre custom handcrafted Pure Carbon fin blades are manufactured using only Pure Carbon Fiber aerospace grade Carbon cloth throughout the matrix of the blade.  Our Pure Carbon fin blades are designed for maximum responsiveness and are custom handcrafted to your specifications.  The Pure Carbon fin blades excellent memory and return to original position will facilitate you to swim from depth while conserving valuable energy and oxygen.

 The Spierre custom handcrafted Pure Carbon Apnea Range fin blade is 19cm wide while you can select your fin blade length in 80cm, 82cm or 85cm.  The fin blade stiffness (hardness) is further customized to suit your individual specifications. The Apnea range fin blade is excellent for diving at greater depths while conserving valuable oxygen and energy and providing maximum lift for energy expended during the longer ascent back to the surface.

 The Pure Carbon Apnea range is available in Classic Black Carbon or with a design glassed into the back of the fin blades.  Select one of our existing designs or create your own unique fin blade by e-mailing your design to us.



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