Spierre Fin Blade choices explained

August 30, 2017

Spierre Fin Blade choices explained


We often get asked the question, what is the difference between the various Spierre fin blades models available. Below you will find a description of what makes each fin model worthy of its category.

We have two fin blade shapes, one primarily designed for spearfishing (Power fin Range). It has been designed as a wider blade for maximum propulsion when swimming large fish to the surface when needing power with maximum efficiency to aid the spearfisherman in getting back to the surface.  The second shape is our slightly narrower shape (Apnea fin Range) designed with deep dives and freedivers in mind.  Both the Power Range and Apnea Range have been dived effectively and with success by Freedivers and Spearfishers alike and selecting the wider or slightly narrower shape is often a personal preference.


Pure Carbon Fin Blades 

Spierre Pure Carbon fin blades are designed as our performance blades, built to facilitate the diver to achieve their personal diving goals, designed with power and deep spearfishing in mind.  They are our top seller and have been a favorite for both Spearfishing ( Power Range) and Freediving (Apnea Range) over the past 12 years. 

The fin blade has also been designed to be as durable as possible and although, given that it is pure carbon fiber and should be treated with more care than a plastic or fiber composite blade, we have spearfishermen who have dived their same set of Pure Carbon fin blades extensively for over 12 years!  This fin range is a favorite - performs well for boat dives as well as shore dives as it doesn't fatigue the diver during a long swim back to shore.


Carbon Fin Blades

The Spierre Carbon Fin Blades were designed as an alternative to the top performing Pure Carbon fin blades.  The Carbons are, similarly to the Pure Carbon fin blades, built with performance in mind while offering a robust alternative that has proved to be a good all-round fin blade for boat and shore dives.  The Carbons are manufactured from a 70% Carbon Fiber, 30% Fiberglass combination and are a good choice when selecting a fin blade that will work well in both shallow diving and deeper dives.


Camouflage Options


Both the Pure Carbon fin blades and Carbon fin blades are available in Classic Black Carbon Fiber as well as 2D Camo (where the back of the fin blades has a design glassed into the epoxy).  The Pure Carbon fin blades are also available in a Complete Camo option where both sides of the blade have a design glassed into the epoxy surface, creating a seamless camouflage when blending with the underwater environment.


 Blade Tip Shape


We have three tip shapes.  The first is the standard tip shape and the the most popular shape, allowing the fin blade to flow optimally through the water without excessive tracking. The second tip shape is the fish tail tip shape that is often combined with the Apnea Range fin blades.  The third shape is the clover tip shape.  All the tip shapes can be selected under the options when placing a custom online order.


Blade Length


The fin blades are available in 80cm and 82cm lengths.  These are the most popular fin blade lengths and are good all-round performance lengths.  There is also an option to add the 85cm length when placing your custom order.


Fin blade Branding


There is a choice of the normal White Spierre branding, Silver branding or Black branding on your fin blades.



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