Brinkley Davies visits St Francis Bay

December 17, 2020

Brinkley Davies, Danielle Liebenberg, South Africa, St Francis Bay, Spierre Pure Carbon Blades

Spierre Custom Handcrafted Pure Carbon fins, Brinkley Davies, Freediving

Spierre Sponsored diver Brinkley Davies and her partner Ty Swan from the West Coast of Australia made a surf/dive trip to South Africa and visited Jeffreys bay for the good surf and made a trip to us in St francis bay while they were here before heading to Hoedspruit for some wildlife and then on to Mozambique for more diving!


Spierre Custom Carbon fins, Brinkley Davies, Freediving


The weather prediction for the day wasn't looking good all morning with the wind picking up much stronger by midday so we decided to go for a hike along the coast and show Brinkley and Ty some of the scenery here and try spot the local sea otters, we instead came across two large lazy seals lying on the rocks nearby sunning themselves, not worried with us at all. 



Spierre Custom Carbon fins, Brinkley Davies, Freediving





Around 12 we saw that the wind hadn't appeared at all and we decided to take the boat out, for a dive after a much needed coffee shop stop. Once out of the port we saw the conditions were beautiful and the viz was crystal clear at places. Pierre, Grant and Ty decided to go spearing and found one or two nice species fish.


Spierre Custom Carbon fins, Brinkley Davies, Humpback Whale

Just around the point we were greeted with a sighting of a humpback whale and her calf resting nearby and Brinkley managed to get a nice pic of it as it swam down.

Spierre Custom Carbon fins, Brinkley Davies

Closer to Seal Point we spotted another whale and Brinkley and Ty jumped in hoping to get a closer look. The water was beautifully clear , the whale had unfortunately moved off to deeper water but the underwater life was just as fascinating with the clear viz which we don't get here everyday. Brinkley was luckily travelling with her Spierre fins with her custom orca design on them which looked amazing in the water, the colors really came alive. Her fins were kept safe while travelling in her new Spierre padded fin bag.

Below are a couple more pics of the days dive.

Head over to Brinkleys New website and read more on her travels!

Custom Handcrafted Spierre Pure Carbon Fins for freediving, Brinkley Davies Brinkley Davies, Tyron Swan, Balu Foundation, Spierre Pure Carbon fins

Spierre Pure Carbon Fins, Pierre Liebenberg, Tyron Swan, Brinkley Davies

Brinkley Davies,Marine Biologist, Balu Foundation, Spierre Pure Carbon Fins, Girls who Freedive



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